CLASS DESCRIPTIONS - A couple helpful details - Register online up to 3 weeks in advance and/or enroll at least 4 hours before the class begins

BARRE - This fitness class is inspired by elements of ballet, pilates and yoga.  Small muscle movements and high repetitions will give you the sculpted look of a dancer while strengthening your whole body.  Uses a ballet barre, light hand weights, gliders, magic circles and a playground ball,  The class consists of 30-40 minutes of standing Barre work followed by 15 minutes of Pilates Mat core work and a yoga stretch cool down. 

PILATES REFORMER/APPARATUS -  This class utilizes the Pilates Reformer and Spring Board, along with Jump Boards, Sitting Boxes, Magic Circles and small balls.  Ideal for any fitness level, and offering benefits such as overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance.  Expect flatter abs, stronger backs, toned buttocks, and firmer thighs. Class is 55 minutes. Previous experience needed. Reservations required in advance. 12 hour cancellation notice required. Packages are non-transferable.

PILATES MAT -  Pilates Mat involves performing pilates exercises on the floor, strengthening and stretching the body, focusing on the muscles of the core, or "powerhouse", which span from your shoulders to your hips.​ Uses props such as bands, balls, light hand weights and Magic Circles.  Ideal for all levels.  Class is 55 minutes. 

SMALL GROUP CIRCUIT - Increase your overall conditioning, build muscle, lose body fat and burn calories as you rotate through 4-5 timed stations. Uses dumbbells, Kettlebells, stability balls, bands, TRX, Bosu, the Pulley Pro system and body weight. Class is 30 minutes.

YOGA FLOW - A journey of flowing sequences! Includes standing postures, twists, backbends, forward folds and hip openers. Expect to build muscle and bone density, increase flexibility and improve balance, as well as reduce stress and relieve anxiety. Ideal for all levels. Class is 55 minutes.