Class Descriptions

Register online up to 3 weeks in advance and/or enroll at least 4 hours before the class begins

Pilates Reformer/Equipment

What will you get from Pilates Reformer classes? Expect flatter abs, stronger backs, toned buttocks and firmer thighs! As well as overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance!

These classes primarily utilize the Pilates Reformer machine and may also include additional equipment such as the Spring Board, Jump Board, Wunda Chair Combo, Sitting Boxes, Magic Circles and small balls.

Choose from the classes below that best suits your level.  When in doubt, join a Mixed Level Class.

Level 1 Pilates Reformer - This class is suitable for beginners or if you want to focus on your technique. You will build a solid foundation working at a slower pace while still strengthening your core and increasing muscle strength and flexibility.

Level 2 Pilates Reformer - Previous experience is a must in this intermediate class, with a solid foundation and working knowledge of the basics.

Mixed Level Pilates Reformer - Ideal for any fitness level, options will be given to modify or progress the exercises as needed. 

Jump Board Reformer Class - Get you cardio on, burn some calories and strengthen your legs like nothing else in this Jump Board class!

***Helpful details - Classes are 55 minutes.  Please wear Grip Socks and avoid using lotions and oils prior to your class as they may wear down the fabric on the machines. Reservations are required in advance.  12 hour notice cancellation required.  Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Pilates Fusion

Incorporates workouts from different exercise styles, with a deep focus on your core muscles and emphasizes moves that will tone, stretch, and elongate muscles. Uses props such as bands, balls, blocks, light hand weights and the Pilates Magic Circle. What you'll need: a mat, light hand weights (optional), bands (optional). Classes are 55 minutes. 12 hr cancellation required.